“Bach is the beginning and the end of all music.”
Max Reger

Johann Sebastian Bach • Rosalinde Haas

This lady rocks! Bach's organ music played by l'enfant terrible de l'orgue, Rosalinde Haas. Recorded live in 1970, raw, and unedited, these concert Mitschnitte have never before been published.

The huge orbit of this artist immediately makes itself felt. Consider her two different takes of Bach's Passacaglia in C minor (recorded in the 1970s), against the two takes of Bach's Goldberg Variation No. 4, played on harpsichord (recorded in 2008). From rock star to monk.

The Bach Retrospective concludes with B-A-C-H's signature, an excerpt from Contrapunctus XIX, Kunst der Fuge (recorded in 2007).

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HEAR Rosalinde Haas play Bach's Praeludium E minor, BWV 548 ("Wedge")

Bach Retrospective - Rosalinde Haas  

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