“The red bearded priest wanted nothing during Holy Communion but to scribble down the theme playing in his mind.”

European Organ Music • Rosalinde Haas

These live concert "Mitschnitte" are raw, unedited, and unlike any other renditions of Mozart, Mendelssohn-Barthtoldy, Frescobaldi, Vivaldi and of course, Bach.

In the 1970s Rosalinde Haas gave regular organ recitals in Frankfurt/Main Nied. A brand new Klais organ had just been built to order there, heeding the user requirements of Rosalinde and her husband, Professor Peter Krams. The organ was constructed of two impressive towers facing each other across the aisle of the front nave, which created surprising stereophonic effects. Rosalinde Haas used it like a hard rock guitar.

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J.S. Bach / A. Vivaldi: Concerto for organ No. 2 in A minor BWV 593 - Allegro

European Organ Music  

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