RELEASED: October 1, 2017
ARTIST: Rosalinde Haas
PRODUCER: Michael Krams
Bach Sinfonia 5 in e flat major, BWV 791, Rosalinde Haas

“Grooving” – “… ich hab mir Michelle und Barack Obama vorgestellt, wie sie getanzt haben, kaum eine Bewegung, nur ein ganz inniges hin- und her-wiegen…”

Für meinen Vater.

Here is Glenn Gould’s take on it:…

If you can, ignore the wrong notes, the imperfect recording technique, and any other imperfections.

The intention is to bring out the counterpoint of the three voices longitudinally with as much clarity as possible.

The approach: Apply the concept Bertold Brecht developed for theatre (“Verfremdungseffekt” / “alienation effect”) to the middle voice, in different versions, involving four instruments:
i. Copy of a Blanchet harpsichord & pedal harpsichord (Neupert),
ii. Sperrhake pedal harpsichord (Modell Bach),
iii. Clavichord (Sperrhake),
iv. Organ (Klais).

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