RELEASED: June 18, 2010
ARTIST: Rosalinde Haas
LABEL: Amazon
PRODUCER: Michael Krams
Frescobaldi: Genesis

The fifth in our series of albums featuring all of Girolamo Frescobaldi’s Toccatas, each played on three instruments: harpsichord, clavichord, organ (hence: “Frescobaldi CUBED”). This album is called “GENESIS” and projects Frescobaldi’s music onto the idea of “Creation”, creation of the universe, viewed from two competing perspectives: a scientific one, illustrated by a hubble photograph of some distant galaxy, alluding to the latest understanding on how the universe came into existence from the perspective of modern physics, contrasted with a biblical one, alluding to the description of the beginnings in Genesis 1, 2: Out of an incomprehensible void emerges extreme energy, followed by the development of an ever expanding universe. The title cover shows the creation of Adam (Michelangelo) superimposed over a photograph of a distant galaxy. The inside of the title cover has the same photograph of a distant galaxy superimposed over the wild energy of a tsunami wave, just fractions of a second before it breaks, as a symbol of “parting the waters” (Genesis 1,9).
Toccata IV (secondo libro) da sonarsi alla Levatione: The incomprehensible void prior to the creation of the universe. This interpretation approaches the music from the curiosity of scientist, as opposed to bringing into it the deep emotions of a religious perspective: compare to our earlier recording (Frescobaldi on Clavichord, disc one, track 8).

Toccata VII (secondo libro): The “parting of the waters” (Genesis 1,9), but also water as an enabler of life (Genesis, 2,6&10).

Toccata I (secondo libro): The genesis of humanity (Michelangelo, Genesis 1,26).

Toccata IX (secondo libro): The many dimensions of our world.

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