RELEASED: January 5, 2009
ARTIST: Rosalinde Haas
LABEL: Amazon
PRODUCER: Michael Krams
Goldberg Variations

This is an unconventional and surprising take on Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The emphasis is on extreme transparency. You will be able to listen to each voice in isolation and sing to it. When Rosalinde Haas plays, she imagines baroque paintings. Close your eyes and you can see the world of Durer coming to life.

“At my age I no longer need to care about what the critics think, and can just do what is right” says Rosalinde Haas at 76. Experimenting with her harpsichord at home, Rosalinde Haas creates transparency in surprising ways. Some of the variations are recorded more than once to give a feel of different interpretations; listen to variations 4, 13, 18, 29, 30. Uncharted territory, navigated by a truly free spirit.

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