Happy Birthday, Rosalinde!
January 8, 2017
Happy Birthday!
January 8, 2017
Einführung in Messiaen’s “Messe de la Pentecôte” (Pfingstmesse) by Peter Krams

I. Zungen von Feuer ließen sich auf einen jeden von ihnen nieder“ (Apostelgeschichte) Messiaen überträgt geistliche Inhalte in eine ungewohnte,

September 19, 2016
Johann Sebastian Bach • Rosalinde Haas

This lady rocks! Bach’s organ music played by l’enfant terrible de l’orgue, Rosalinde Haas. Recorded live in 1970, raw, and

October 26, 2013
Olivier Messiaens

“Visible and invisible things! But everything is in these words! Known and unknown dimensions: the spiritual world and the material

October 25, 2013
Rosalinde Haas

ROSALINDE HAAS, now close to her 80s, recalls how – as a young student in Rome – she would drive

October 25, 2013
J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations

J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations • Rosalinde Haas When Rosalinde Haas started practicing the Goldberg variations, she was experimenting with her

October 25, 2013
J.S. Bach Musikalische Opfer • Rosalinde Haas

  Rosalinde Haas offers an almost transparent rendering of J.S. Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer. The Ricercare in 3 and 6 voices

October 25, 2013