Rosalinde Haas 1

Aiming for transparency. Rosalinde Haas, copy of Blanchet harpsichord (Neupert, 2015).

For background information: Peter Williams “The Organ Music of J.S. Bach”, pages 197-199

00:00 – 02:50 1st movement
02:52 – 06:08 2nd movement
06:11 – 08:48 3nd movement
08:51 – 13:38 4nd movement

My dad’s 86th birthday on April 8, 2016. My mum’s “birthday present”: A rendition of Bach’s pastorale. My dad’s request: “Nicht zu schnell, Rosalinde, spiel’s doch nicht zu schnell! und halt trotzdem die Spannung aus!” Hence a second rendition later on the day, one we kept a snapshot of.
Tongue in cheek: The third movement, my mum’s revenge, imagining a love-sick mandolin player singing underneath the balcony of his beloved, accompanying a beautiful melody with somewhat clunky uninspiring chords (left hand). (So much for having fun in your mid 80s.)
Oh and then the 4th movement, which started out in close to double the tempo. So my mum’s birthday present to my dad: making time slow down (you’ll get the pun when comparing how fast she played 60 years ago, when they first met)…

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