“In those days in Germany, people did not clap in Church, but after a marathon two hour concert of Maurice Durufle's Suite op. 5, the audience could barely contain itself. The Toccata was given as an encore.”

French Organ Music • Rosalinde Haas

This compilation of French organ masterpieces feature live concert performances which have never before been published. The recordings are raw and unedited.

In Messiaen's Messe de la Pentecote the Holy Spirit descends from Heaven to Earth, and sounds like a bird. The bird in this recording however is not part of the music; it is the organist, whistling as she plays.

And when she plays, every note counts. The colours brought out in Marcel Dupre's Variations sur un Noel are the result of fierce and at times nerve-wrecking discussions between Rosalinde Haas and her husband Peter Krams. Each interpretation distills new sounds out of the instrument.

What is heard is, in the words of Rosalinde Haas, Orgelblitzgewitter.

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French Organ Music  

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